Handmade Crafts

In 2014 my husband and I were blessed to take over a family cabin. After months of sorting through years of accumulated cast-offs, we started the slow but exciting process of making it our own. My skills expanded to sewing faux fur and leather, embroidery and applique.  Now, through Woodsy Wendy, I enjoy passing on my designs to others with a passion of the whisper of the northern pines or the lap of water at your toes.

My sewing studio has grown to include a crazy number of orphaned sewing machines, an industrial grade sewing machine, serger and embroidery machine. 

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About Me

My sewing businesses, Whimsy Wendy and Woodsy Wendy, were born out of a need to create.

Sewing is my thing. It's my passion and joy.

As a young stay at home mom in 2007, I began working on my sewing skills, creating handmade clothes, tutus and costumes for my daughters and their friends. Pretend play and imagination was a priority as my girls were exposed to more and more tech play. And as word spread of my creations, Whimsy Wendy began.

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